Web scraping can make any programmer sweat

Web scraping can make any programmer sweat.

Welcome to climate control.

Introducing Espion, the most comprehensive and powerful web scraping solution yet invented. Cloud-based.

What makes web scraping programmers sweat?

  • My web scraping tools still don't run JavaScript
  • I have to set up a complex infrastructure for just one little program
  • We were just blocked by another site
  • The site I have to scrape just changed, again…
  • …and the invalid data had already been sent to our users

With Espion you get

  • A fully-functional JavaScript and jQuery-programmable headless browser
  • A large pool of anonymous IP addresses
  • An entirely cloud-based solution
  • A significantly simplied approach to building web scraping applications
  • Major improvements in resulting data reliability and robustness
  • Dramatic increases in web scraping efficiency

Code sample

This is all it takes to scrape a paginated product listing

var app = {
    success: function (page, job, ctrl, $, _) {
        $('#productsTable .productContainer').each(function () {
            var img = $('.prodImg', this);
                name: $('.prodName', this).smartText(),
                description: $('.prodDesc', this).smartText(),
                price: $('.prodPrice', this).smartNumber(),
                imageId: img.saveImage(),
                imageUrl: img.smartSrc()
        $('#pagination .active + a').each(ctrl.pushAnchorLink);

Launching first quarter 2015

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Everything you need to extract data from any website

Inject code and control the browser with JavaScript

Espion is a headless browser that enables you to inject JavaScript code directly into your target web pages. Use jQuery to extract text from elements and build your output data with a few lines of code. Use the API to launch other pages, define request headers, alter cookies or rewrite HTTP traffic — all the tools a modern web scraping robot might need.

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Schedule and monitor recurring jobs

No need to worry about CPUs, RAM, network access or data storage — your scraping jobs run in the cloud. Schedule them at any time in your dashboard or from the REST API. Monitor progress and debug running jobs in real-time with the console.

Detect web site changes and measure data quality

Data quality is difficult to guarantee when you depend on third-party or hostile websites. Espion lets you define rules to measure how your data feeds look over time. Specify how much variation is allowed before being warned that something is amiss.

Output ready-to-use data

Scraping doesn’t stop until your data is delivered in a structured, convenient format. With Espion, your code outputs JavaScript objects delivered as CSV feeds, JSON blobs, a database table, a REST API and/or a real-time queue.

Use the cloud for computing, storage and IP addresses

Your data resides in the cloud – shared or private – where resource availability stretches to meet your needs. No setup or provisioning is required so you can concentrate on building web scraping applications that get the job done. Choose between geolocalised IP address pools of increasing levels of anonymity to prevent hostile IP address blocking.

Extract text from images and solve CAPTCHAs

Built-in OCR means images can’t hide text from your code. Complex CAPTCHAs can be solved by plugging into an external CAPTCHA-solving API, whether automated or based on human agents.

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Manage your footprint to evade detection

Espion gives you full control over the browser. When the defaults don’t fit your needs, you can modify any HTTP header, choose the rate at which you hit pages, control cookies or decide how many times to retry a page when errors occur. You decide how much your scraper should behave like a human user to fool the best anti-bot technology.

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Running JavaScript
Manipulating cookies
Analyzing site structure
Server provisioning and management
Reading text from images (OCR)
Solving CAPTCHAs
Scraping sites written in complex frameworks
Geolocation of IP addresses
Detecting changes on target sites
Something else

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